Interview: Jeren Kiring – Indonesian Boy Wonder

When you go to Canggu you always see the local boys ripping up the waves or having fun and smiling in front of the Warungs (typical Indonesian shop/restaurant). Jeren Kiring is one of those boys.


Born in Lombok Jeren moved to Bali with his family when he was only seven, which was when he started to surf. Now the 14 year old is a surfer to note, as he seems to have a very promising future ahead of him.

Surfing like a grown man, the short and skinny kid is always smiling and carrying his board around Bali. With his polished surf in barrels and air reverses in his repertoire, he has just won the Indonesian Junior Championship, the Rip Curl GromSearch National contest and the right to represent Indonesia at the World GromSearch Final at Bells Beach, Australia next year.

We talked to him for a few minutes between surfs to tell us about himself and about his plans;  He’s a little dude who already knows the right path for his future.

First of all, you are a kid, only 14 years old, so how are you doing at School?
I think I’m doing good, I divide my time between school that is very important for my future and the surf.  So when I have classes I can surf then I surf after school. But I try to do good in both. I also want learn languages better so I can go everywhere and communicate with people.

Who are your sponsors?
Hurley, Dragon Sunglasses, Reef, 69 Slam and Power Balance

What are your favorite waves in Bali?
My favorites are Canggu, Keramas and Bingin

Rizal (Tanjung) always looked out for you giving you your first sponsorship, and he is a great surfer. What could you say about Rizal?
I want to thank Rizal. I want to be like Rizal he is my idol, a fantastic person and amazing surfer. I wish I could be like Rizal one day. And I also want to thank all my sponsors for the support they give me.

Jeren and his Mentor Rizal

Who is your favorite surfer in Indonesia? Why?
My favorite surfer is Garut (Widiarta); He surfs with power, does big airs, good turns and gets good barrels. He is so good.

Jeren you won the Indonesian GromSearch contest, now you are going to Australia, have you ever traveled out of Indonesia?
Yes, I have been to Australia twice and I went to New Zealand last year for the ISA World junior Championship.

How was the contest in New Zealand, how was it to surf with Wetsuits?
I have many friends from New Zealand, all good surfers. The conditions there were a bit hard, the waves were too big and the wind was too strong, it was offshore but too strong. It was a good experience for me.

What about Australlia, where did you surf?
I surfed Snappers, it’s so good but too crowded. Now I’ll have the opportunity to surf Bell’s Beach, I’m so excited.

Photo: ISC

What are your plans for next year?
I’m going to keep surfing the ISC contests and try to do some Pro Juniors to get more experienced. I don’t know….

To finish what is your advice for all the kids like you who want to have sponsors and be a surfer?
Surf and surf more. Go to school but keep surfing, try to improve and surf with your heart, with feeling, doing what you like to do.

…..“Can I go surf now?” Jeren asked looking at Canggu pumping.

Go Surfing boy and bring back the Grom Search Cup back to Indonesia.

Good luck and thank you!!!


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