ASP Exclusive Interview with Rising Talent Gabriel Medina


6-GabrielMedina-danielSmorigo311HUNTINGTON BEACH, California / USA (Tuesday, June 28, 2011) – Fiery young Brazilian Gabriel Medina has been absolutely lethal in ASP PRIME events this year. At only 17 years of age the ultra-consistent Brazilian is sitting at No. 18 on the ASP World Rankings and is in excellent position to join the elite ranks at the midyear cutoff, where Medina will face off against talent twice his age. After his recent back-to-back performances including at victory at the SuperSurf Internacional and a 2nd at the Quiksilver Pro Portugal, Medina is emerging as a leader of his generation and the ASP briefly caught up with the promising talent to see where his inspiration comes from This… is his story…


You have had an amazing year so far in the PRIME events and most surfers your age are still focusing on the Pro Juniors, what are your thoughts on possibly qualifying for the World Tour at such a young age?

These last events were very good for me, it helped me a lot in the rankings and if I qualify by midyear it will be so sick, even at an early age, I can’t wait for it!

Adriano is currently leading the World Title Race and Alejo has been having a great rookie year so far on the World Tour, who do you look up to for inspiration?
It is true, both of them are going very well, Jadson also had a good result at Bells … and I am really inspired by Mick Fanning, he has always been my favorite surfer.

The Brazilians are always passionate at events, where does it come from, why is there extra motivation compared to surfers from other countries?
Really … I don’t know, maybe we’re born like this, we have the desire to win and never give up, you know? This is good, we have achieved good result in recent tournaments … including me, Miguel, Adriano …

You’ve had some experience in World Tour events as a Wildcard, do you feel that helps your confidence as you become a full-time World Tour surfer?
Yes, of course, I have surfed two times as a Wildcard just to get experience! Now I am trying to correct my mistakes. I am training a lot and and am more focused! I think that the results will come naturally.

How hard is it to compete against the World Tour surfers who have lots of experience, what will your strategy be when competing against them?
First, I try not to get nervous, but I always felt more confident when competing against the surfers on the World Tour than when competing against the PRIME and Star surfers, I don’t know why it happens, but I feel more comfortable and try to enjoy the moment during the attack, this is the strategy! haha

Who shapes your boards and what are your standard board dimensions?
Johnny Cabianca 5’11- 18 1/8

With a few PRIME events before the midyear cutoff, what are your plans before Lower Trestles?
I will keep participating in the PRIME and Star events until the cutoff in the middle of the year … and keep on training when I am at home.




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