(Beginner) Surf Lessons No.04: Paddling



Surfing paddling is one of the most important techniques to learn in surfing. Having a good paddling technique will be the difference in you catching loads of waves and learning how to surf at a very rapid pace as opposed to someone with a bad paddling technique putting all their effort into trying to catch waves but not generating enough momentum for the wave to pick them up and carry them so they can’t learn how to stand up and progress to a better level.

A good tip when you are starting out is to go for a paddle whenever you can especially if its flat, this way you will learn how to perfect your surfing paddling technique without having to worry about the relentlessness of the ocean where there are waves pounding into you.


How To Perfect Paddling

Lay on your board in a position so that the nose is a couple of inches out the water. If you are lying to far back on the board you will create a lot of drag on the tail and you will waste momentum.

Too far forward and you will notice the board nose dives underwater, which will throw you off balance and slow you down.

Another reason to go for paddles is not only to suss out the perfect position to lay on your board but also to build up the muscles in your arms that you will require to paddle. You might be the fittest person in the world but there isn’t a great deal of exercises you can do to build up the muscles you are going to use when paddling. The more paddling you do the stronger these muscles become and the more waves you are going to catch.

Once you have got a good position on your board and you can feel your arms getting stronger a great technique to adopt is to take clean even strokes one arm at a time (don’t paddle both arms at the same time, this is known as double paddling and it will get you nowhere) as your hand and arm enter the water bring them underneath your surfboard stroke down and as you are exiting your stroke bring your hand and arm back out to the side of your board, this will propel each stroke to a greater effect giving your board a lift thus generating more speed. This is a much better technique than if you were just entering the water and moving your arm straight down beside you. The better and stronger your paddling is the more waves you are going to catch… Simple.


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  • (Beginner) Surf Lessons No.04: Paddling



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