Photos: A smaller day of barrels

Today I woke up frothing, last night I had checked Forecast and it pointed a decrease of swell for today.  Smaller swell, no wind and mid tide early in the morning: Canggu for sure.

I caught a red and orange sunrise, a good view of the volcano and the rice fields with that light green baby rice on my drive down, how could it go wrong?

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Arriving at the beach waves were 3ft, clean and perfect. Good double-up barrels at Echo Beach and amazing Sand Bar. What was even more surreal was that there was hardly anyone out.

I had a coffee at Sticky Fingers, caught up with Wayan Gobleg and then… action….

Wayan got plenty of barrels, but the one in the pics was a 52 picture-barrel: really deep and really long. Enjoy the shots and check the Forecast – tomorrow with the new swell arriving you want to make sure you’re in the right place.



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