Photos: Oakley World Pro Junior contestants ripping outside the contest zone

The Oakley  Pro Junior 2011 in Bali has been pumping. If you are not around check out the highlights on the Oakley website. We want to give you something extra and are bringing you the best of every day right here at

In spite of a no-go on Saturday, the contest action on Sunday as well as the free surfing sessions around the contest arena on both Saturday and Sunday demonstrated that the Oakley World Pro Junior is not only showcasing some of the best young surfing talent out there but some of the best surfing all around.

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Saturday’s midday start time at Canggu saw the contest postponed for the day as Canggu’s temparental wind predictably blew in around midday, damaging the morning’s perfect set-up that the contestants had been enjoying in their warm-up sessions. In spite of the clouds and rain, 2-4 ft sets were glassy and producing ramps for sick airs and even the occasional barrel. In spite of the heats not being run, there were plenty of smiles all around, including those surfers not involved in the contest and happy to have a go at the waves themselves.

Sunday everyone was ready to go at 6.30am, and greeted to sunny skies and the same fun 2-4 ft conditions of the day before. The heats showcased some talented surfing and daring in the tricks the surfers were attempting, pleasing an enthusiastic and supportive audience on the beach. Again, the free-surfing next to the contest-zone was of an extremely high calibre, to the detriment of the photographers who had to pick and choose what to shoot; there was just so much action. The attitudes of these young surfers is admirable, with many who had lost heats paddling out for a free surf right away and showing us all that in spite of not making it through to the next round, they certainly do charge.

The contest will be on tomorrow and we will be there to bring you the best of it. Enjoy.

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