Photos: Deserted Desert’s

With the hectic traffic courtesy of the ASEAN conference and the usual tourist madness, we set out to escape and went East. 18 minutes East by air, but that’s far enough apparently. With the swell and wind directions predicted many thought there wouldn’t be much going on; thankfully our trusty forecaster didn’t fail us and we scored really good waves with none of the usual crowd. How often does that happen at Desert Point?
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Thursday morning was empty with 3-4 ft. glassy sets barreling through; Almost an eerie experience in a place so renown for the passionate crowd. By the afternoon the size had picked up a little but the wind had kicked in. Friday morning conditions slipped and we decided to drive to Kuta to enjoy some hidden gems between the ridiculously beautiful postcard perfect bays. Saturday morning we set out to explore and enjoyed 2-3 fun ramps in jaw-dropping surroundings. The next day we woke to another perfect day at Deserts, with 5 ft sets in glassy conditions. Word had gotten out of Thursday’s perfection but the crowd peaked at 10 people, by no means a “crowd” by the usual Desert’s standards. Perfect barrels were had, crazy walls were carved, some skin, a couple of fins and a board were sacrificed; all in all a fair exchange, and most would agree worthwhile.

We’re so used to lusting after and surfing spots that make it to the magazines, we sometimes forget that the real Indonesian surfing experience is about breaking the mold, getting sweaty and setting out to enjoy something new by yourself or a few of your buddies. Go have an adventure, fix a tire in the middle of nowhere, buy some rambutan while you wait and don’t forget to avoid the rogue water-buffalo that cross the road.

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