(Intermediate) Surf Lessons No. 20: Backside 360

Backside 360 – Spinning on your Backside

A backside 360 is much more tricky than the Frontside 360, it’s also very unconventional to do especially when you are learning.


Again like the Frontside 360 it is a must learn move if you are wanting to open up the possibility to do an entirely new box of advanced tricks. Without learning the Backside 360 you won’t be able to or you will find it extremely difficult to do moves like Frontside carving reverses, air reverses, in fact All Frontside reverses, on the wave or above it.

How to do a Backside 360

A great way to learn the backside 360 is very similar to Frontside 360’s that we taught you in lesson 19. You don’t need a great wave and you don’t need much speed. Fat waves are the preferred choice for this one as was the case for Frontside 360’s.


Go along a wave on your backside/backhand (back facing the wave) you don’t need to do a bottom turn or anything like that. If you position yourself about mid face, go along the wave and wait for the lip to start crumbling, as it does do a little bottom turn mid face up to the lip and then really jam down on your tail (as if you were stamping down on the tail of a skateboard) to get your board onto the lip of the wave. As you do this you must remember to twist your shoulders round and try and look over your leading shoulder, remember if your shoulders are in the correct position your board will follow. If you have done it in the correct position you will feel the wave pick you up and start to carry you backwards. Once in this position the steps are exactly the same as in lesson 19. Remember to get your weight onto your front foot to stop the tail from digging in as you go backwards. Also remember you want to be looking over your leading shoulder and heel side rail to complete the spin of the backside 360.

Once you have got the motion of this down then you can try doing the spin on the face of the wave, it helps to have a steepish wave to do them on the face and the key area is about ¾ of the way up. Too low and you will tail dive at the bottom, too high and you will end up over the back of the wave. You need to do it in just the right spot so that you can get your spin in and then drop down the face backwards. Exactly the same motion for this way as if there was a lip involved apart from you have to put more effort into pushing the tail and releasing it since you haven’t got a lip to pivot off. That’s it… follow the instructions and you will ne nailing backside 360’s in no time.


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