(Intermediate) Surf Lessons No.22: Roundhouse Cutback – Backside

If you have learnt the Frontside roundhouse then this, the backside roundhouse cutback should come easy for you! Its way easier to get all the way back round to the foam because the hard bit is happening in front of you.


The dilemma you face with the backside roundhouse cutback is you will probably have to ignore a very nice section where you could have cranked a nice Reo but laying down some clean tracks from a backside roundhouse can be extremely rewarding and you will be increasing the moves that you have in your repetoi.

How To Do A Backside Roundhouse Cutback

How you do them is like this: Make sure you have got plenty of speed, race out onto the shoulder of the wave, the key here is Don’t do a big bottom turn to start your cutback, if you do this you will lose all your speed, what you want to give yourself the widest area possible to make the turn so do a pump up to the top of the wave and start your cutback by setting your toe edge rail into the wave, keep your knees bent and fairly crouched and its very important you don’t try and do too hard a turn for the first part because it’s a two stage turn (first the cutback then the hit off the foam), you have got a long way to travel so maintaining your speed is the key here!

As you start to come round the good thing is you will be looking right at the section you want to smack, look up and pick your spot, if you feel yourself running out of steam try and put a little more pressure into your board to give you that extra drive.

When it comes to hitting or bouncing off the foam you will find this much easier to do backside rather than frontside, as your about to hit the foam transfer your weight from your toes to your heels and put extra pressure on your back foot too steer you around for the turn. As the foam hits you it should push you back onto the wave face and send you on your way, if you end up getting stuck in the foam and can’t get out it probably means you left your bounce off the foam too late, so try and initiate the turn a little earlier next time. If you didn’t get any push from the white water it’s because you did your turn too early, learn from your mistakes and you will be nailing the backside roundhouse cutback in no time!



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