UFO Sighted over Bali’s International Airport

The sighting of a UFO over Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport was strongly denied by authorities yesterday.


Sherly Yunita from PT Angkasa Pura Ngurah Rai claimed yesterday that no unidentified object was detected by radar at the airport.

Yunita said if there were metal objects in the sky they would be detected by radar at Ngurah Rai Airport. But so far, she has no incoming reports about the presence of foreign bodies caught in the airport radar, which also covers all Bali air space.

As reported, a student named Indira, who is the daughter of a local MP, said she saw a UFO-shaped object in the sky with lights surrounding it.


According to her, once observed closely, the foreign body was shaped like a slab with almost the entire body filled with light with what appeared to be headlights coming from underneath.

Although the incident happened so fast, Indira managed to record it on her camera.

Her mother, Hening Puspita Rini, had admitted not believing the incident either. However, she was finally convinced because some other people had admitted to witnessing the alleged UFO object.


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