Balinese Cruise Workers Injured in Italian Cruise Ship Disaster

The Indonesian embassy in Rome has identified 170 Indonesians who were working aboard the Costa Concordia when the cruise ship struck a reef and capsized. All of them are reportedly in good health with exception to two Balinese men who have been hospitalized.


 One of the injured men, I Kadek Agus Wijaya is currently at the San Giovanni Hospital in Dio in Orbetello, Grosseto; he is reportedly healthy and is waiting to be discharged.

The other victim, I Nyoman Juniarta was admitted to Siena Hospital after receiving treatment at the San Giovanni Hospital, he reportedly has spine fractures due to injuries and a broken leg.

The remaining Indonesian cruise ship workers have been housed in three different hotels in Grosseto which is about 200 km from Rome.

Source: The Beat Magazine | Video: RussiaToday on YouTube



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