Photos: Buleh Bali Boys

Imagine growing up on the shores of Bali; World-class breaks at the end of your road, your favorite pro-surfers swinging by during the season to put on the occasional show and remind you of where you want to go, lots of warungs selling yummy post-surf treats nearby and of course your best friends a bike ride away.

It sounds pretty ideal and these guys would agree. Kin Goldmann, Yuri Vianna and Sonny all 11, live in Canggu where you can find them most days surfing, riding their bikes, hanging out and generally wreaking havoc when they’re not at school.

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They are local foreigners who live in Bali. In fact these boys have spent most if not all of their lives here. While has frequently showcased local Indonesian talent we felt these gentlemen deserved their moment to demonstrate their surfing prowess.

It goes without saying that these boys are locals and have been at the beaches surfing since they can remember. Down with the local Balinese groms they’re always having fun out in the water entertaining each other or occasionally being entertained by an unfortunate tourist.

The boys surf hard and spend hours on end out in the water perfecting their style. caught up with them a few weeks ago and shot a session down at Canggu’s Sandbar where the boys showed us what their worth. Looks like it’s not so bad being home-grown in Bali!

Video of Kin Goldmann:



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