Photos: Lombok – Sunshine in the Rainy Season

While the wet season can be a bit of a downer with storms that last a few days, squalls that appear out of nowhere, the traffic madness around Christmas and New Years, the requisite flooding and leaking no matter how sound the construction of your house or hotel, on occasion it can serve up gems… if you know where to look.

[slideshow post_id=”1372″] took off to Lombok for Christmas and enjoyed some clean waves in astonishingly beautiful surroundings. While Lombok is no way near as developed as Bali in terms of tourism or catering to surfers, it is well on its way, and in fact this aspect is part of its charm. You can still have a sense of being on a “search” or adventure of sorts as you cruise through villages and hamlets finding your way to spots that may or may not be serving up a treat. Here are some pictures of other surfers who ventured East of the Island of the Gods and found their solace.

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