Rabies Cases in Bali on the Decrease

A sharp decline in the number of rabies cases in humans in Bali has prompted authorities to lift the health alert that was imposed back in 2008 after a major outbreak of the disease.


It is thought the main reason behind the decrease is thanks largely to the ongoing mass vaccination programs carried out throughout the island.

“Rabies has now declined to an endemic level and there have been no deaths reported this year,” stated Bali health agency head Nyoman Sutedja to the Jakarta Globe yesterday. 26 people died of rabies in 2011, compared to 83 in 2010.

Along with the fall in actual rabies cases, there has also been a significant drop in the number of dog bite cases reported.

According to Sutedja, there is still a problem with ensuring all dog bite victims receive adequate vaccination. Of the 50,628 reported cases in 2011, only 47,827 victims received the vaccine.

Source: The Beat Magazine



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