Rusty Indonesia Winding Down

Rusty appears to be stopping their activities in Indonesia. Thus far the company has not issued a communication to this effect but all signs point in this direction. We have had reports that the 2011 Indonesian Champion Marlon Gerber has been looking for new sponsors, and Mega Semadhi is another who has been identified as seeking new representation.


With the end of Rusty activities in the archipelago it is expected that other Rusty riders will be looking for new sponsorship, and the Indonesian Tour may well lose one of its stops on the ISC tour; Rusty has a long history of investing in competitions in Indonesia, both on the professional tour and numerous grom contests. Their absence will be palpable as their contribution to the sport has been significant.

The reasons for the end of Rusty activities are unclear but we expect a statement from Rusty Indonesia or Rusty International soon.

 We wish the Rusty riders and team all the best as they move on to the next stage in their careers.



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