Bali Police to Conduct Sweeps on Thugs

As part of a nationwide campaign to eradicate thugs, National Police Chief Gn. Timur Pradopo has instructed his staff to conduct sweeps aimed at known areas where thugs operate.


“We’ve done sweeping over the last few days since the instruction was issued,” said Head of Bali Police Public Relations, Commissioner Hariadi yesterday. The operations in Bali have concentrated mainly on the city of Denpasar, as well as a number of tourist sites.

“Efforts will continue for as long as necessary,” he continued, adding that, “the police would take stern action against acts of extortion, coercion, racketeering and so on.” So far no reports have been given of any incidents.

The sweeps have been welcomed by Political Sociology lecturer at Udayana University, Suka Arjawa, who has been researching the thug phenomenon in Bali. “Just like other big cities, thugs on the island are associated with community-based organizations. They claim to be from certain organizations, but their behaviour, attitudes and actions manifest themselves as thugs in Bali,” said Arjawa.

“It’s dangerous for Bali tourism if our forces are not firm,” he added.

Source: The Beat Magazine




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