Video: Derek Rabelo — Blind Surfer from Brazil, Surfing Pipeline with Makua Rothman and crew

Derek Rabelo inspired some of the best pro surfers in the world like Makua Rothman, Koa Rothman, and Eli Olson, that saw a potential talent on this young talented surfer. Derek surfs without his sight, missing the opportunity of appreciate the beauty of the waves embracing the shore—but Derek has a vision—letting people be aware that even in his present condition he still conquered his fear and do what he loves to do no matter what it takes.

“Be realistic – demand the impossible!” – Anonymous graffiti, Paris 1968 uprising.

The Brazilian youngster shows us all how the power of the mind and our senses is truly amazing, that nothing is impossible as long as we do what we love to do with a purpose.

Next time we complain about life being unfair, we should remember this kid.


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