Frenchman Suspected in Indonesian Embassy Bombing in Paris

Indonesia is hunting a radical group with links to Indonesia that may be behind a bomb outside its Paris embassy.

Indonesia’s anti-terror agency said yesterday that a group active in France was behind the explosion in Paris last week.



It came as Indonesian police left for France to hunt down a man they have been looking for in the past two years, but it was not clear if there was a link between the blast and the wanted suspect.

There were “very strong indications” that led Indonesian police to its conclusion of a France-based terrorist group, said Ansyaad Mbai, head of the agency.

He did not give the name of the group but suggested it was an Islamist organisation.

“We know that several people, including this radical group in France, has contact with radical groups in Indonesia,” Mr Mbai said.

Indonesian authorities had previously denied that the embassy had been targeted specifically in the blast on March 21, which caused serious damage to surrounding buildings but no injuries.

The radical group was communicating with its Indonesian counterparts “via the Indonesian group’s website”, Mr Mbai said.

Indonesian police left for Paris yesterday to coordinate with French authorities in the search for a Frenchman named Frederic Jean Salvi, Mr Mbai said.

Indonesian police have been looking for Salvi since 2010, when they found a car belonging to him in anti-terrorism raids in western Java. They arrested five suspects and seized explosives in an illegal bomb manufacturing workshop.

Mr Mbai was unable to confirm whether Salvi’s alleged network was behind the bombing.

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Source: The Daily Telegraph | Photo: AFP


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