Indonesian child smoker to be sent to rehabilitation center

The National Commission for Child Protection (Komnas PA) has decided to put IH, an 8-year-old, chain-smoking boy from Karawang Girang Village in Sukabumi, West Java, into a rehabilitation center to cure his addiction to nicotine.


IH was taken to the Komnas PA office in Pasar Rebo, East Jakarta by his parents, accompanied by the head of the Sukabumi Health Agency, on Monday.

“This is our attempt to save children from nicotine addiction,” Komnas PA chair Arist Merdeka Sirait said Monday as quoted by

Arist said IH would be admitted to a rehabilitation center, whose name could not be revealed, for a month.

“We will provide medical check-ups and better foster care,” Sukabumi Health Agency head, Adrialti Syamsul, said.

IH caused a national stir after local media sources reported he puffs his way through four packs of cigarettes per day.

Videos of a chain-smoking, four-year-old boy in Surabaya, East Java and a two-year-old toddler in South Sumatra, created an international stir two years ago.

Arist said these heavily-smoking children were only the tip of an iceberg. He has, therefore, urged the government to implement tobacco-control regulations as soon as possible.

Source: The Jakarta Post


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