Plane Skids off Runway in Borneo, Indonesia

Batavia Air flight Y-6291 from Denpasar-Balikpapan-Gangzau (China) skidded off the runway on landing at Sepinggan International Airport, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, at 11.30am Monday.


The 177 passengers and 10 crews onboard the A320 survived unscathed.

Airport Duty Manager Indrata explained the plane ran off the end of the runway and up to now the cause is unknown. The back tyres of the plane dug into the grass about 40 cm at the end of the runway.

As a result of this incident, 10 flights departing and arriving to Sepinggan airport were delayed up to two hours. Two planes were delayed – Garuda and Lion Air to Jakarta, four aircraft were diverted to Banjarmasin, and one plane was forced to return to its airport of origin.

Source: The Beat Magazine


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