Terrorists or Robbers?

Bali Police Public Relations Head, Commissioner Hariadi said the five people shot on Sunday evening may have come to Bali as robbers, not terrorists.

Police have not found any evidence that there would have been a bombing.


“It appears the motive was purely robbery,” said Hariadi to reporters in front of Hotel Lakshmi, Jalan Danau Poso 99X, Sanur Denpasar, Monday.

So far, there are no indications that the group was going to launch any terrorist acts, since there is no evidence found of explosives on the two sites raided on Sunday. Pistols were found but nothing else.

“What is certain is that there is a terrorist network link from the CIMB Niaga robbery in Medan last year, through one of the shot men named as HN,” he said.

Meanwhile, the head of National Agency of Anti Terrorism, Ansyaad Mbai confirmed the five people shot dead by the Special Detachment 88 on Sunday night were terrorists. They targeted a gold shop, a money changer, and cafes in Bali.

“It was a terrorist network related to the CIMB in Medan bank robbery network, there is also a network from Solo, and there is another place that I can not mention,” said Ansyaad at a hearing yesterday.

According to him, the five men were on the police wanted list. They finance their terrorist acts through robberies and made Bali the next target. “The goal is in Bali, just in Bali. They have been followed for three months, not suddenly caught like that,” said Ansyaad.

Bali Police spokesman, Hariadi added that on Sunday the joint police team followed two of the suspects using a minibus vehicle that were suspected to be surveying locations. Three others were also being followed in different locations.

Arriving at Jalan Gunung Soputan, the two men being followed were ambushed, but they fought back and eventually were shot to death. “Police found guns and bullets at the site,” he said.

Similarly, three other people were ambushed at the location of Jalan Danau Poso, who also fought back, and were also shot dead. “Here police also found a handgun with bullets,” said Hariadi.

In another report, the three suspected terrorists who stayed at the hotel in Jalan Danau Poso, Sanur, had ordered prostitutes just as police were ready to storm the building.

“As the young women entered the hotel they were detained. Once secured the police then raided the room,” said a hotel employee, Made Tama on Monday.

Meanwhile, Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika stated that he appreciated the performance of the officers who had shot the five men originally suspected terrorists, but later by the Bali Police stated they were robbers.

“We have to convey a great appreciation to the officers who have been able to detect and act on time,” he said in Denpasar yesterday.

According to the former police chief of Bali, it is not easy to find the right time to act, even when previously detected. “It requires great accuracy, good analysis, and it was handled well by the authorities,” he said.

Source: The Beat Magazine


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