Interview: Oakley Pro 2012 Champion, Mustofa Jeksen

After winning the Oakley Pro 2012, the first stop of the Indonesian Tour, Mustofa took some time to talk to about his goals and projects for 2012…

Mus, we all know you had an “interesting” 2011, but apparently 2012 started well. How does it feels when everything comes together?

It feels great, everything is happening in 2012! I just won the Oakley Pro in Canggu and it was my best result since 2009 when I won that same contest. I also signed with Analog as my main sponsor and to make it even better I got married last February.  So I’m back, and focused, with all support I need from Analog, Coca-Cola, Arnette and Warner Surfboards and the most important, my family,

What are your plans for 2012?

My goal is to be Indonesian Champion; I know it’s a long and hard way to go but I feel confident. Things are happening, I feel good about my surfing; I feel confident and winning the first contest of the year is a good start.

What about the Asian Tour?

I’m not doing the Asian Tour, my focus this year is the Indonesian championship, that’s what I’m aiming at. One of my sponsors and I also have a project for next July and I’m really excited about that.

So tell us about that Project. I heard you might go to Tahiti, is this project related to Tahiti?

Teahupoo is my dream, and Coca-Cola is supporting me to achieve that dream.  I’m just waiting for the visa, I already applied for it and Coca-cola already allocated the budget so I’m excited to have the stamp in my passport and to get on the plane in July.

We know you are used to big barrels, but how is it for you to think about surfing Teahupoo for the first time?

First time… It’s not just going out there and surfing it. I’ll check it first, watch it, and I have time, I’m staying there for a month, so I’ll be ready for it.

So would you surf 10ft Teahupoo?

Yeah…. I will. but I want to have a bit of support in the water, someone watching out for me. You know Teahupoo is heavy, I want to have someone backing me up.

You said Teahupoo is your dream, so after that trip what is going to be your dream?

I think my dream will be to chase waves around Indonesia. It’s my country, and we have the best waves. That’s what I want next.

Which contest is up next?

Macaronis, in the Mentawais, it’s going to be in May.

Macas is a left-hander, that’s front side for you right? In your opinion, is it harder to compete surfing on your backhand?

Backside is way harder, on your front side it is easier to barrel, it’s easier to see the waves, to read them.  A backside barrel is very hard.

What about the QS, do you have plans for the tour?

I have to grow my career in Indo first, I need to be champion here and complete my goal to show my sponsors that I’m ready for the World. So now I’m thinking about Indonesia.

Mus, thank you for your time, we wish you a perfect 2012 and we are going to be watching you here in Indo and for sure in Tahiti.

Mustofa Jeksen vs. Made Awan at Oakley Pro 2012 Final

Mustofa Jeksen and Dylan Amar promoting Indonesian surf


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