Photos: Sumbawa goldmines

Sumbawa is renown for many fine features: There’s the place names that sound like belonging to the language of hobbits, the divine honey, the goldmines and then there’s those splendid waves.
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Making the trip over, the magic only seems to thicken: In the airport where intimidating men scowl at you and demand to see your passport, citing regulations. Regulations that incur dubious fines when one cannot produce a document not required in any other domestic travel. It adds flavor, albeit a bitter one. But it’s one of the many veils of the island.

During the last swell Lakey’s was blessed with 4-5 foot crowd-free perfection. With such a long flat swell and eager anticipation all around, the news that it was quiet and firing seemed curious. Not that those who were around were phased in the least, they quite enjoyed this mysterious occurrence, or rather lack thereof, and surfed the peak and all her sisters enjoying the tranquility.

There’s a swell coming and plenty of islands to choose from … where will you be?


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