Photos: Firing Rifles at Mentawai

Indonesia has to be one of the top surf destinations for any surfer, and then within Indonesia the Mentawai Islands hold a special fascination for those wave obsessed creatures we are.

During the last swell, 2 weeks ago, photographer Diogo d’Orey set off with Mentawai Surf Charters and had an early season taste of heaven. On their second trip of the year the Moon Palikir and Star Koat 1 boats scored epic Rifles and everyone was barreled beyond belief. The vessels are manned with exceptional crew and provide service and comfort that can only be equalled by the waves they’ll find for you.

Apart from some close encounters of the reef-kind, a price well-worth it, the trip was astounding in perfection. Check out Diogo’s photo’s for yourself and start planning your next trip.

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Photos: Diogo d’Orey / Liquid Eye


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