Photos: Holiday at Bingin

Everybody loves a holiday… particularly if it’s unplanned and coincides with swell. Thursday’s Hari Merah (red day – local jargon for public holiday) saw the swell drop off a bit on the Bukit, but this didn’t stamp out the fun. The annual surfer migration to Bali is in full-swing and the Bukit was swarming with people looking to score a few waves, preferably of the barrel-kind.

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Photos: iBorba/LiquidEye

Bingin switched on its usual low-tide lure and cranked out barrel after barrel under perfect conditions and sunny skies. 3-4 ft waves rolled through, feeding the hungry mob of tourists, locals and plenty of pro’s. Considering the set-up of the wave, the 4 photographers shooting had to fight for their shots almost as hard as the surfers. Oh yes, the high season has begun, saddle up boys and girls.

With a new swell hitting our lovely island today, there’s plenty more fun ahead of us this weekend. Check out the pictures to get a head start.


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