10 Things Nobody Wants To See On A Surfer’s Instagram

Even surfers and pros need to be reminded that everything isn’t suitable for Instagram.

It’s not cool to take a picture of every little thing OR the same thing over and over. We decided to help you out so your friends and fans won’t unfollow you. Here are some things no one wants to see you post…

Sage Erickson @SageErickson

Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

We get it: Pro surfers date models, but no one wants to see you guys cuddling after doing the horizontal hustle. Gurfers (girl surfers) date goofy dudes, but Instagraming a picture of you two smooching still counts as unnecessary PDA.

John John Florence @john_john_florence


All of the açai bowls, tacos and sushi you eat on a daily basis only remind us that your digestive tract is extremely active. Ew. Eat it and move on.

Chris Steblay @Chris_Steblay

Airplane Seats/ Plane Tickets

We love seeing your flight accommodations and tickets while you’re on your way to exotic islands. Keep reminding us of your grand adventure while we’re stuck at our desks, please.

Kolohe Andino @kolohe_andino

Photos of Surf Video Clips

Like why? Isn’t the actual video better evidence anyway?

Balaram Stack @hair_piece


Text messages, quotes, memes and iTunes album covers are just always unacceptable.

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Source: Surfbang


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