Photos: Barrels at the Bush

In the midst of the surfing Mecca that is the Mentawai, lies a special gem, that is Greenbush. One of the archipelago’s most famous waves, the lefthand barrel machine is as dangerous as it is beautiful. Alluring with the promise of a 100m barrel, the stakes run high with its speed and a very dry last section is oh so tempting.

A group of friends onboard one of the Mentawai’s favorite vessels, the Arimbi, recently scored a full day of proper Greenbush. Surfing it from low through to high tide at 4-5ft in perfect conditions, even the presence of a couple of other boats could not dampen the fun. The boys exhausted themselves, and even sacrificed some skin, but all for a good cause by the looks of it.

Words: T.

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Photos: Pepe Romo, King  Millenium 1 and Iuri Borba


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