BIS Surf Camp: Goku’s, Cutbacks, Beach Clean-Up, Marlon, Lee & more

On the 5th of June, 16 brave souls ventured out to embark on the journey of the Bali International School Surf Camp 2012. This group consisted of both beginners and advanced surfers.

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The first stop on this epic journey was Double Six Beach, where the beginners had the opportunity to learn how to surf with seasoned professionals in the field, while the advanced surfers did what they do best higher up on the beach with consistent 3 foot swells. Consistent with the tradition of Kuta, our dinner consisted of going to the famous Goku restaurant for dinner to experience what was known as ‘the best ribs in Bali’.

After around 5 hours of sleep, we were greeted by the chilly conditions of Bali at 5 am in the morning. We had a meeting, which resulted in our spot for the day to Echo Beach, where there were 3 foot swells. Too big for the beginners, so they went to Tugu, and the 3 foot swells at Echo Beach were just perfect for the advanced surfers of the group. The next spot was Padma, where the swell was once again too great for the beginners to conquer, and once again perfect for the advanced people. Instead, the beginners simply bodysurfed whilst admiring the pros. The final surf spot for the day was Double Six at sunset, where the conditions were perfect for every single level of experience in our group. Our dinner had to match the level of the previous night’s food at Goku and the Balcony certainly delivered. The Balcony is a famous hangout spot for surfers. At the balcony, we spotted two of the surfing world’s world famous surfers; Lee Wilson and Marlon Gerber.

The final day of this grand experience was a trip to Berawa Beach, where the beginners started to get more confident and consistent in their surfing; and some of the advanced surfers started to land some of the bigger tricks such as Dyou Worawong landing an aerial and Chris Meyer doing his first cutback. “ It was the greatest trick I have ever done in my entire surfing career. I think I saw a Hurley scout back on shore, I was trying to impress him.” (Dyou Worawong) To give back to this great surf spot, all 16 participants of the surf camp, including our driver, participated in a very efficient and rewarding beach clean up. The final stop of this glorious journey was an afternoon session at halfway Kuta, where we ended this amazing experience with a great surf for everyone.

By: Bali International School Surf Camp 2012


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