Bali’s smoke-free zones bylaw delayed

The Bali provincial administration has decided to postpone the enforcement of bylaw No. 10/2011 on smoke-free zones previously set to come into effect on June 1.

Governor Made Mangku Pastika said the administration would need more time to ensure proper communication of the bylaw, which prohibits smoking in public places.

“This is a new bylaw, a new regulation. Before enforcing the bylaw, a comprehensive communication process must reach out to all members of the community,” Pastika told reporters on Tuesday.

The administration, he said, had been actively disseminating information about the bylaw since it was still in draft form.

“The bylaw will be enforced soon, after the people understand the new regulation,” added the governor.

The Bali Legislative Council ratified the smoke-free zone bylaw last year and the administration promised to enact it gradually.

In the first stage of implementation, the prohibition would be enacted in government offices, schools, and healthcare facilities.

The bylaw would soon include hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, nightclubs and places of worship.

The smoke-free zones bylaw states that many public places are to be smoke free. This also includes playgrounds, traditional and modern markets, terminals, airports and public transportation.

Advertising and sales of tobacco products have also been banned in these places, except for those regulated by a specific governor regulation. Violations of the bylaw can be punished by up to three months imprisonment and a fine of Rp 50,000 (US$5.35).

Ketut Suarjaya, head of the Bali Public Health Office, denied that the decision to delay enforcement was caused by the government’s lack of commitment to public health.

“The administration is strongly committed to improving public health, particularly that related to cigarettes and smoking,” he said.

The delay is because the administration would like to enforce the bylaw smoothly.

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Source: The Jakarta Post


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