10 Hottest Girls in Pro Surfing

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s been a changing of the guard in women’s professional surfing. Out with the old—in with the new as the saying goes. With the new crop of talented girls coming in, we (finally) say goodbye to the Layne Beachley’s of the world and usher in Alana, Bruna, Steph and crew—more talented and definitely easy on the eyes if you catch our drift…

The following list, assembled after long debates and plenty of parking lot banter, was assembled following these qualifications: does she rip? And does she look good doing so? While some are more on the rip side and others on the sexy side, we feel both sides of the spectrum are represented and did our best to not come off as total sexist pigs—not the easiest thing in the world to do for this bunch. As always, we trust you’ll rip into some pretty heated debate in the comment box, just one thing, keep it clean—we don’t need any pissed off dad’s/boyfriends/sponsors beating down the door to TWS.—Justin Cote

Alana Blanchard

The bikinis get smaller, and smaller, the scores get higher and higher. Biased judging? Not even close—Alana straight up rips and at just eighteen years old qualified for the 2009 ASP World Championship Tour. A two-time champion at the women’s Pipeline Pro, Alana can credit her prowess in heavy surf to her Kauai upbringing with the likes of Bruce and Andy Irons, Reef McIntosh, and best friend/sparring partner Bethany Hamilton. Not one to shy away from her good looks; Alana is not afraid of donning the teeniest of bikinis. Anyone complaining? Not here. Keep your eyes open for a full-length feature on Alana Blanchard in an upcoming issue of TransWorld SURF

Laura Enever

A knockout in and out of the water, 18-year old Lauren Enever hails from the competitive hotbed of Australian surfing—North Narrabeen. Growing up under the watchful eyes of Nathan Hedge, Chris Davidson, Simon Anderson, and Damien Hardman to name just a few, Laura can hold her own against the boys—and frequently waxes them in heats. A prodigy of Lisa Andersen, Laura has a wildcard into the 2009 WCT season opening Roxy Pro Gold Coast where she’ll no doubt take down some of the old guard—and break a few hearts along the way.

Bruna Schmitz

The Brazilian bombshell, Bruna Schmitz shatters your stereotypical Brazilian girl with blond hair and a thin, striking figure—no bubble butt wedged into a g-string and bronzing on the beach for Bruna (not that that is a bad thing). Having qualified for the 2009 ASP Women’s World Championship Tour at just eighteen years old, Bruna is the third South American girl on the tour and has been romantically linked to men’s tour surfer Jeremy Flores from France. Put it this way, if a rich, globetrotting Frenchman feels like she’s hot enough to call her “mon cheri”, she’s makes this list in a heartbeat.

Anastasia Ashley

There’s “hot” hot and there’s “red-hot-and-I-know-it” hot. Consider 21-year old LA-based surfer girl Anastasia Ashley the latter. Anastasia, who plans to surf all the women’s WQS she can this year, has her own signature shoe line with Airwalk and is getting to work on an as of yet untitled film project. In between shoes, films, and shredding, Anastasia has been spending a lot of time with Hulk Hogan’s son, Nick, whom she calls her best friend and her biggest fan. The pair were recently stalked by the paparazzi at the Sundance Film Festival and their photo appeared in Star Magazine with the fitting title, “Nick’s New Surfer Babe.” Selfishly, we want Anastasia to make the World Championship Tour just to see who wears a smaller bikini—her or Alana Blanchard.

Stephanie Gilmore

For most surf bros, a girl like Steph Gilmore might seem a bit intimidating. She’s cute, popular the world wide, blonde, 5’10”, … oh, and did we mention she’s a two time ASP World Champ at the ripe age of 21 (she’s won a title for both of her years on tour)? But don’t be scared, they don’t call her “Happy Gilmore” for nothing: Steph’s as down to earth as they come—despite her good looks and lofty list of achievements. But if you are lucky enough to score a date with her, don’t chose to go surfing together; that would not be good for the male ego.

Karina Petroni

Coming in at nearly six-feet tall and with legs that seem to stretch for days, Florida’s Karina Petroni is a model in surfer girl’s clothing. Always a super-talented surfer, Karina was runner up to Stephanie Gilmore at the 2007 US Open Of Surfing and finished 15th on the Women’s world tour in 2008 but has since turned her focus from competitive surfing to traveling. What really sold us on Karina was a series of beautifully-shot videos she starred in called, “Wanderlust” that documents her life story beginning in the jungles of Panama and stretching to the Mentawais and beyond.

Sally Fitzgibbons

Cute as a button and a better surfer than 99% of men, eighteen-year old Sally Fitzgibbons leads the charge as the new face of women’s surfing. The fastest surfer to ever qualify for the ASP World Tour, Sally recently dropped by the TransWorld SURF office with a box of chocolate cupcakes, a cute smile, and some razor sharp wit courtesy of growing up with two older brothers in Australia. If there was ever a shoe-in for women’s rookie of the year, Sally’s the girl.

Erica Hosseini

Cross the drop-dead-good-looks and magnetism of an OC girl with the surfing ability of a top up-and-coming pro and you get one thing: Erica Hosseini. This Newport Beach goofy-footer can smoke you out in the water at a moment’s notice with the elegance you’d expect from a Southern Cal lady (last May she took Volcom’s VQS Championships and she’s got numerous NSSA titles to her name). Her infectious smile and beauty have also landed her in Maxim and Men’s Journal as one of the hottest females in action sports. This 21-year old is committed to making the Tour, and when she does there’s sure to be more male fans to follow.

Coco Ho

On land, Coco Ho may be cute, innocent, and unassuming but put her in the water and she transforms into a true Hawaiian hit-woman. The 17-year-old Hawaiian blazed through the ‘QS last year with huge showings in ‘08 (including making the finals of the U.S. Open and Reef Hawaiian Pro) and then proceeded to charge onto the 2009 World Tour. Of course, that’s no surprise coming from a gene pool that includes legends Michael and Derek, as well as her brother, Mason. Her lineage—and crew of protective North Shore uncles—is also important information to consider if you’re thinking of asking her out.

Christa Alves

The sun-drenched beaches of Florida are known for hot coeds in tiny bikinis but rarely do these ladies get up from their bronzing routine to get on a surfboard. There are, however, a handful of Floridian girls who can simultaneously rip the hell out of a wave while looking good in a bikini. The seductive 19 year-old Christa Alves is at the forefront of these women. The Cocoa Beach native has two ASP North America Pro Junior titles to her name (2006 and 2008) and has started off 2009 leading this division again. If that doesn’t get you all hot-and-bothered, she’s also been featured on AskMen.com as a Top 10 Female Surfer, as well as being a serious contender in 2009’s TransWorld SURF Model Search. Careful boys, you might just fall in love…

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Source: Transworld Surf


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