Top 10 Goofy Footers According to C.J. Hobgood

C.J. Hobgood (USA), 32, is without question considered one of the best right-foot-forward surfers of all time. The 2001 ASP World Champion’s signature style and prowess in heavy barrels has secured his position among the ASP World Title hopefuls for well over a decade and recently SURFER Magazine caught up with Hobgood to get his expertise on which goofies have have the greatest impact on the sport. Hobgood broke down the details for SURFER Magazine with his Top 10 picks. This… is their story…

10. Gabriel Medina: I had to get your attention, right? I wanted to pick someone a generation after me, and what Medina did in 2011 statistically I don’t think has ever been matched. He won everything, stormed through the WQS early in 2011, then did the unthinkable and won two of the five Tour events he entered in the back end of 2011 to finish No. 4 in the world. Unprecedented. I know anyone can win a contest or hit a great golf shot or tennis shot, but it is what you can do over a whole decade that really defines people. So we will be watching Mr. Medina.

9. Damien Hobgood: I feel that Damien is the best goofy backhand barrel-rider. I feel that next to Occy and Tom Carroll, Damo has the strongest back-foot body torque of any goofyfoot that ever lived. When I come in from a heat, even if I win the contest, Damien will always tell me what I did wrong. Without his constructive criticism I would not be where I am today.

8. Bobby Martinez: I consider Bobby one of my best friends. Bobby is the same person now as when I met him at 17 years ago. He has always been true to his friends, family, and himself. In an industry where everyone can be bought, controlled and manipulated, Bobby has never changed and never faltered. To this day I ask myself the same question: Am I a product of surfing (a clone) or is surfing a product of my character? It is tough and he should be commended. As for his surfing, I have tried to copy it and I always get it wrong. Bobby never drops below the cup of the wave, never does too deep of a bottom turn, and always has speed to go wherever he wants on the face.

7. Kalani Robb: I looked up to Kalani so much. First it was Rocky Point, then it was Restaurants—I studied everything he did out there. He was absolutely the best and he was doing it at such a young age. It all came so early and it just seemed too easy.

For the full breakdown on Hobgood’s Top 10 goofy-footers log on to SURFER Magazine.


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