Photos: Balangan, the beauty of the Bukit

The Bukit is beautiful, there’s no denying it. There are plenty of tourists who make a mad dash straight from the airport and rarely venture down the hill, quite a few locals too. While the beaches and surrounds have become increasingly busy and developed it’s still a place of exquisite beauty and impeccable waves.

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Balangan is no exception. Nestled around the corner from Dreamland and at the end of a road to nowhere, the bay is attracting more and more visitors, both of the surfing and non-surfing persuasion. A while ago we captured a playful 3-4ft day at Balangan. Plenty of fun to be had out in the water as well as on the sand. And while this wasn’t Balangan at her best, it does make you want to go there when the spot really turns on!


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