Photos: Desert’s barrels with the local boys

Five months a year South-Easterly tradewinds blow almost daily in our part of Indonesia, offering off-shore conditions all day long at a few world class waves. Surfers from all around the globe travel thousands of miles to come to Indo and surf the world’s most perfect waves.

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Photos: Pepe Romo

Once in Bali, the starting point for many, the migration between Bali and other islands when a swell arrives in the archipelago, becomes apparent. And when you ask around where people are going, the most common response is Desert Point.

Deserts is located on the neighboring island of Lombok, just a 20 minute flight from Bali. A 2 hour drive in a rented car will see you to Desert Point.

If you prefer your own wheels, are feeling adventurous or simply want to tack on some sight-seeing, you can make the whole trip by car or motorbike; Grabbing a ferry at Padang Bay, in the North-East of Bali,  to cross the Lombok channel, which takes around 4-6 hours. Once you’ve arrived you’re only an hour’s drive away from D.P.

A couple of weeks ago a good swell saw Deserts turn on again. For many of the all-season Desert riders it was agreed to be the best swell of the 2012 season until now: perfect direction, tides and winds. But it’s never quite so simple is it?  The spot is infamous for the crowds, and this time was no exception…. More than 150 hungry surfers shared a line-up that offers one of the longest barrels on Earth. Perhaps “sharing” isn’t quite the correct term to use.

While plenty reaped their crop of once in a lifetime barrels, no one rides this wave as good as the local boys: Budi, Sul and Usman were catching the longest and deepest barrels with few local-foreigners who are frequently there; An insane session.

Pepe Romo was there to capture some moments and kindly offered to share the love.



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