Photos: The tale of a Canggu Grom in the Mentawai

End of the school semester, we wait the whole year for this moment to surf somewhere different, instead of just canggu every day, where I live.

With a blink of an eye, every thing has gone back to normal, school, friends, surfing in the afternoon when there’s wind because I can’t surf in the morning before school.

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Photos: Personal file

But lets remember the good part, the part that made my summer break really good, really special and different to all the other summers. A trip to the mentawais that has been planed for more than a year, meeting several friends, 10 days in the mentawais and 10 days just surfing, eating and sleeping.

Before leaving Bali, I got an offer by Quiksilver, So that gave me a lot of motivation and determination to push harder on each wave.

Once we got to the Mentawais we stayed at the sickest surf resort I have ever stayed at, Internet, swimming pool, pool table, ping pong, Photographer and video maker.

The only worry I had was to choose the best equipment, for what the waves would offer that day, the right fins and board. It was 10 days in paradise. Just surfing, the thing I love the most,  and surfing the best waves I could ever surf as Kandui, Riffles, Nipussies, Hidaways and many more.

It was the experience of a life time, I cant wait for next years summer break…

Words: Kayu Vianna


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