Buried whale carcass angers surfers

Whale carcass buried at Smiths Beach keeps surfers away

IndoSurfLife.com | International Surf News | September 13, 2012: The Department of Environment and Conservation has agreed to removed a rotting shark carcass at a popular South West Beach because of community fears it would attract sharks. Surfing champion Jake Paterson slammed the DEC decision to leave a whale carcass buried at Smiths Beach for close to two weeks, describing it as shark bait. But A DEC spokeswoman confirmed a short time ago the carcass would now be removed.

Smiths Beach, West Australia

“While the Department of Environment and Conservation believes the carcass has been safely buried, we have decided to remove it because of continued community concern,” she said. Mr Paterson, a pro surfer who owns a local surf shop, pushed for the buried carcass to be removed.

“Smiths Beach is a popular beach and it washed up on the beach, it was decaying and the DEC decided to bury it rather than taking it away,” he said. “With the problem the whole of WA is now facing with sharks, they could have done something else with it.”

Mr Paterson said signs at the beach warned of the buried shark carcass, effectively stopping surfing and swimming at one of the State’s best surf breaks. Mr Paterson said that though the whale was buried there were fears the whale could continue to seep whale oil for many years, attracting sharks.

The spate of five fatal shark attacks in WA over the past year had heightened alarm over shark attacks. “It’s always on the back of people’s mind. I don’t surf by myself anymore and if it’s one of those gloomy days, I don’t surf,” he said.

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Source: Yahoo! Australia | Photo: www.seabreeze.com.au


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