Photos: Desert Point Big!

The best Desert Point I have seen all year! 8 foot barrels holding all the way through, perfect winds and perfect weather. I headed off to Deserts (my 10th trip there this year) on Monday night after an afternoon shooting Padang – It was a long and tiring trip.

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Leaving Padang at 11pm, there was a hold up with the ferrys and we sat at the Padang Bai side for 4 hours before boarding ~ arriving at Deserts at lunchtime on Tuesday for an afternoon of great waves even though the winds were a bit cross shore on the point.

Thursday (Sept 6th) was the magic day, mid morning it howled onshore and wasn’t looking promising, everybody taking the time to relax, eat lunch and escape the midday heat… but as the tide began to drop in the afternoon someone flicked the switch, it changed to offshore and Desert Point did its thing!

Huge sets rolled through like a machine until sunset. Bali surfers, Garut and Bolt, put on a show for everyone watching making it look easy. Derek and Mason Ho, Liam Macnamarra and his son, scoring waves all the way through along with everyone that got in the water, many have been waiting months for such a day…

The day wasn’t without its dramas, a lot of competing for waves and a bit of a showdown between a Brazilian surfer and Liam Macnamarra, but all was settled at the end of the day without a fist fight!

Some said it was the best Deserts they have seen for 2 years ~ Ive been going for the last 1 1/2 years and it was without doubt the best I have seen it. Im glad I was there to experience the excitement and capture a few shots…

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