Photos: Monday Swell – Keramas vs Padang

Last Monday a solid South-Western swell arrived in Bali bringing 6-8ft waves with some spots reaching 10-12ft.

With the intention of covering both sides of Bali the team decided on a two-part mission: One shoot in Keramas, early in the morning before the trade winds and one at Padang-Padang later in the day.

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Photos: Iuri Borba

We got to Keramas at 6:30am; the tide was too low and waves were only 3-4ft. In a couple of hours, with tide coming in, the conditions changed completely with screaming 6-8 ft barrels and only 10 guys out in the water.

In the afternoon we wanted to shoot a bit of Padang-Padang as the swell was from the perfect direction for it. Needless to say we were hoping to catch one or two waves ourselves but plans quickly changed when, checking the spot from atop the cliff we stopped counting at about 70 guys and there were a couple of dozen more out. So there wasn’t much to do but take some photos in the water….

That also proved a bit of a mission with around 20 photographers out, fighting amongst each other trying to impose their own rules to be closer to the best section or take a better shot.

Not surprisingly things weren’t much different between surfers, and it was almost impossible see a wave come through with only one surfer on it. Most had 2-3 surfers sharing a wave that breaks over a very shallow and sharp reef.

Keramas with Jay Daves, Torren Martyn, some Bra Boys and local Pepen Hendrik charging the biggest sets or Padang-Padang with Rob Machado, Craig Anderson, Ozzie Wright, Mega Semadhi, Rizal Tanjung and all the rest of Bali. What would be your call? Check the pics and decide for  yourself.


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