Photos: No Kandui, Mentawai – Yes you can do it

The Mentawai… the islands that produce the best waves in the whole world…

This season we had the chance to go on a trip with Darren Roger, the Pirate, a highly experienced surf guide and an excellent surfer, working on the Arimbi. The forecast pointed to a South-Westerly swell for the first day, and Darren made us the promise of a day of barrels in the “Playgrounds” area.

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Water Shots: Iuri Borba/Liquid Eye – All Other Photos: Pepe Romo

We went straight to Kandui once Darren told us that it would be pumping. Arriving there the waves were amazing 4-6 ft drainers peeling all the way to the channel. There were about 20 guys out, with us it would go up to 30 but there were so many waves that everyone could have their share.

There is a story that the break was named after the locals telling surfers who wanted to try out the wave: “No can do it”. Hence “No Kandui”.

It’s a machine; the wave comes in a long line, you take off on a shallow and sharp reef and it drains into a barrel that can be longer than 100 meters. No doubt one of the best waves in the Mentawais.

We had so much fun and here are the pics to share with you guys.


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