Photos: Surfer Girls hit Canggu

We have been talking to Salini for so long, planning a surfing photo shoot. We were having a hard time to make it happen as she lives in Java and is based in Bali, but then she rang us saying that she was coming to Bali for few days before going to Thailand for a big contest in Phuket.

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Awesome: We would capture a session with the girl who is our hope to be the first Indonesian woman to enter an ASP World Qualifying Series contest; she is only 14 years old but she rips.

It was a Sunday, a perfect day… Sunny but not too hot with beautiful end of the dry season light. The waves were super fun at Canggu: some chest-to-head high waves with clear water, what is not often seen in that part of Bali. Everything combined to be just another good day of surfing in paradise, but a very special day.

Salini came to Canggu with Puanani. They saw the waves and quickly paddled out. The Padma boys were out and they gave all the support to the Surfer Girls cheering them on and giving them some good waves.

No doubt a day to be remembered, a perfect day with good waves and two great surfers.

Check the photos and stay tuned for our next Girls Only photo shoot. Who knows, you could be part of it.


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