Photos: Groms – The Future of Indo Surfing

Rizal Tanjung, Lee Wilson, Marlon Gerber, Mega Semadhi, Mustofa Jeksen, those are names that we are used to hearing and seeing in mags. They get a great deal of media coverage and are always getting the best waves in Bali or around Indonesia.

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These Pro Surfers are hugely important for the growth of Indonesian surfing. They are the role-models and making the sport bigger and more professional. Their time is now, and they are doing it as expected, but we want to know who will be the future? Who will be taking over down the line? Who are the contenders to be the next top Indonesian surfers? went one a mission to show the new faces of Indonesian surfing. We couldn’t capture them all as there are so many in Bali and around Indo but we got the hottest ones, to show you a bit of what we can expect in the coming years.


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