Who Owns Macaronis? Surf Guides Meet Mark Loughran

Does it signal the end of boat trips in the Mentawais? Imagine if every camp/resort blocks the waves out front for use by their guests only; what would the boats do?

Whoever’s experienced a boat trip knows the feeling of surfing a dozen different waves in 10 days; Being free to choose if they want to surf a spot or not, being able to move around and pick the best waves for each condition. It’s an given that pretty much every surfer that goes to the Mentawai Islands wants to surf Macaronis, which is considered the most fun wave in whole world.

The tension between boats and land-based resorts keeps mounting. The end certainly doesn’t seem in sight, leaving us to ponder: WHO OWNS MACCAS?

Watch these videos and give us your opinion on the issue.

Read our first post about this issue, here.

More info about Maccas and the Mentawais at www.badgertales.com


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