Indonesia’s Smoking Orangutan Gives Birth

Indonesia’s famous smoking orangutan Tori gave birth to a fuzzy baby named Jokowi on Wednesday, zoo staff said.

Tori the orangutan carries her newborn baby at Taru Jurug Zoo in Solo, Central Java, on Thursday. The zoo named the newborn Jokowi after Solo Mayor Joko Widodo. (Antara Photo/Akbar Nugroho Gumaya)

The zoo is still unsure of the sex of the baby, as Tori has not allowed staff to get close to her first child, Lilik Kristanto, director of Solo’s Taru Jurug, told Jakarta Globe on Friday.

Tori — who was born in captivity — gave birth without the help of veterinarian or nurses, Lilik said.

“Tori was also born in this zoo 14 years ago,” Lilik said. “Being delivered in a zoo, Tori is not really skillful in climbing trees. It is surprising that she still has natural instincts just like other normal orangutans. She’s a good mother.”

Tori was moved to a small island at the zoo in July after she picked up the habit of smoking cigarettes thrown into her habitat by zoogoers. Since the orangutan refused to kick the habit, and zoo patrons continued to give her cigarettes, Tori was isolated with her “partner” Didik on the small island.

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Source: The Jakarta Globe


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