Photos: Oakley World Pro Junior – The free-surf side-show | October 8, 2012 | Canggu, Bali: The Oakley World Pro Junior 2012 is well underway here in Bali. With a lack of swell the contest has begun in everybody’s favorite playground, Canggu. On early Saturday morning all the contestants participated in the traditional opening ceremony and Balinese blessing, a feast of cross-cultural images for the photographers so used to focusing on the water.

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With the men’s first heats on Saturday and the women’s on Sunday and Monday, all on the right-hander, there’s been plenty of waves breaking around the contest zone for those warming up or simply looking for fun between heats. As word spreads of all the promising surfing talent, the crowds on the beach have been thickening, eager to catch a glimpse of the next big names in surfing. The contestants take it all in their stride, doing their bit for their sponsors, enjoying being (back) on the island of the gods but most importantly frothing over the surf and pushing each other further and further. Radical airs, sick barrels, the powerful and stylish surfing being demonstrated belies the contestants’ age.

These under 21s are working hard and having a great time doing it. As the contest continues, things are going to get more and more exciting in the surf both within and outside the contest-zone. Stay tuned for more updates on the comp.


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