Photos: Insight into Bingin

Last weekend the Insight crew hit up the Bukit and headed straight to Bingin where it was all happening. The boys’ laid back attitude was betrayed by their stylish performance in the water which was there to capture.

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The waves were 3-4ft with long rippable walls and a few barrels to mix things up. The light onshore breeze cooled off those on the beach but did not take away from the waves quality. While there were plenty of surfers out in the water, the vibe was relaxed and surfers were happy to stop and watch the show Mattia Morri, Gede Surya “Sodok”, Agus “Blacky” Setiawan and Wayan “Tumbling” Sudiantara were putting on for them. As the swell picked up throughout the day, beachgoers and surfers alike were treated to Mattia’s power carves, Sodok’s sick airs, Tumbling’s off-the-lip and Blacky working the waves waaaay to the inside. Not a bad day at work for these boys and certainly not a bad day for end-of-season Bukit.


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