Photos: Salsa in a big Ulus

Uluwatu on the last swell (Thursday and Friday) saw beautiful 6-8 foot waves with perfect offshore winds.

When Ulus gets big there are always considerably less surfers in the water. At 7am with the low tide there were just 10 guys out. I sat in the top Warung having a coffee watching Outside Corner ~ Jason Salisbury was waxing up, preparing to get out there and had his videographer with him – he was stoked to be surfing Ulus with barely anyone else out.

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Several photographers were there to capture some shots and plenty of people sat in Warungs watching the show. Sadi and Hendra from Desert Point were in Bali for a few days – Sadi surfed Ulus for the first time on the high tide and was pumped up to surf Padang later in the afternoon. Local surfers Ketut and Made Lana ripping with their classic surfing styles.

Barrels at the Peak on high tide and a few more surfers out but once it dropped low again before sunset there were only 20 guys enjoying the last couple of hours of the swell.

The sunset was spectacular, one of the best I’ve ever seen in Bali, a huge orange ball dropping into the ocean to top off a perfect day of waves.

Photos and Text: Jessica Smart Photograrphy

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