Manmade surfing lake needs new location

The team behind an ambitious scheme to build a man-made surfing lake in the Avon Gorge has announced it is looking for a new home for the project.

The Avon Gorge had been an early option for the team behind a project to create a surfing lake. Photo: Steinsky

The original plan was to build the surfing lake in the Avon Gorge by the side of the Portway, but the Bristol Wave team says because the project has increased in size it is in the process of looking for a new home.

There had been widespread opposition to the project from environmentalists, but the firm insists the decision was forced by changes to the size of the plans. Discussions are taking place with landowners on two alternative sites, but the Bristol Wave team has not said where the sites are. It is not clear whether this latest development will delay the project but the team has also announced it has now raised enough cash to take the scheme through the planning process. And if the manmade lake does get through the planning process, then investors are being lined up to fund the £5 million project.

As the project has progressed, the team said it became clear that the original site by the side of the Portway was not going to work.

Nick Hounsfield, who helped launch the project, said: “As much as we loved the location of the Portway site, we realised it would constrain the project and therefore we have decided to look at two other options.”

The team says it has identified two potential sites and is in discussion with landowners and planners to decide which best meets the needs of the project. It is expected that an announcement will be made on the new site in the coming weeks.

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Source: This is Somerset


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