Tourists advised to stay outside Nusa Dua

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Bali next year will occupy various facilities within the Nusa Dua tourism enclave managed by BTDC (Bali Tourism Development Corporation), thus regular tourists have been advised to stay outside the area.

Nusa Dua. Photo: Bisnis Indonesia.

Since its establishment, the BTDC-managed Nusa Dua resort area has been designated an accommodation center. It is located relatively far from residential and business areas, thus is quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Dozens of star-rated hotels that include thousands of rooms and meeting venues are being prepared for next year’s summit, with some still under construction. All of these are high-class facilities.

Purnama Damayanti, BTDC’s public relations officer, said there were 20 hotels, one museum, one conference center (Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center), and a golf course being prepared for the event. The accommodation consists of 3,643 rooms, comprising 3,512 regular hotel rooms and 131 villas.

By next year, there will be an additional 1,080 rooms consisting of 929 hotel rooms and 151 villas.

An additional 713 rooms will be built after next year. The new accommodation is being provided by extensions to current hotels, as well as the construction of new hotels.

Damayanti said that all the facilities would be used to serve the APEC delegates, including heads of state.

While the exact number of arriving delegates has not been confirmed, there will be thousands of them.

“For such matters, hotels usually coordinate with travel agents and the guests directly,” Damayanti said.

Separately, secretary of the Indonesian Hotels and Restaurants Association for Bali, Perry Markus, explained that the BTDC area had regularly been selected as the venue for various national and international level meetings, including UNFCCC in 2007 and the ASEAN Summit last year because the area could suitably accommodate thousands of people.

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Source: The Jakarta Post | Author: Wasti Atmodjo


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