UFO flies over Baturiti village in Bali

Villagers in Baturiti in Tabanan were shocked when they say they saw an unidentified flying object (UFO) like those usually seen in science fiction movies fly across the sky for the second time.

UFO flies over Bali’s highest mountain, Mount Agung. Photo: Made Mudita.

Appearing as a dish-shaped object, it was visible last Thursday and was caught on camera by a local resident.

Made Mudita, Baturiti’s village head, said the locals first saw the object on Oct. 11 flying across the horizon near Mount Agung.

“I was startled at the sight of this object. I ran to my room and got my camera. I succeed in taking shots of the object. But strangely the memory chip in my camera just could not work. I managed to save only one shot,” said Sentana, a village resident, as quoted by beritabali.com.

The curious village residents started making various assumptions saying that the UFO had flown over the sacred Mount Agung, but nobody was certain.

Source: The Jakarta Post


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