Bali is predicted to collapse on 2015

Indonesian Forum for Environment (Walhi) Bali estimating the southern island of Bali will not be able to accommodate such a huge burden due to rampant construction of tourist accommodation in 2015.

“Based on the research has taken by the Ministry of the Environment, some areas of Bali will collapse due to not being able to bear the burden of excessive water use in 2015,” said Deputy Director Suriadi Darmoko Walhi Bali, in Denpasar, on Monday (21/1).


The condition was exacerbated by the attitude of the Government of Badung regency. Walhi believe the government can not keep forests as water catchments. Even though, Badung regency gain highest revenue compared to most districts / cities on the island.

“Therefore, we need to make the moratorium on hotel development gap. So far, the construction of hotels is always centered in the south,” he said.

In addition, studies should be carried out as directed on the master plan for tourism in Bali.

The study aimed to determine whether the island still requires new hotel construction or not.

“Maybe all it takes is the arrangement of the tourist accommodation. Making it clear where tourism will be directed to,” he said.

He advised that tourism should be directed at the quality not quantity anymore.

Source: Reuters | Image: Iuri Borba/


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