Indonesian surfing loses sponsor, what’s the future?

Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia Decision Not to Renew Support Agreement with the Indonesian Surfing Championship Tour for 2013 – Creates Opportunity for Asian Surfing Championship Tour to Take the Lead in Asian Pro Surfing


On January 22nd, 2013, Indonesian Surfing Championship CEO Tipi Jabrik received a written statement from Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia Business Director Bruce Waterfield informing him that his request for the renewal of the previous 3-year agreement between the ISC and CCAI could not be accommodated, due a change in the distribution of funds available for sponsorships within their Corporate Social Responsibility program.

What’s next for the ISC?  The ASC!

Back in September of 2010, consistent with the ISC mission of creating more and better opportunities for their Indonesia pro surfers, the Asian Surfing Championships (ASC) was established by Tipi Jabrik and Tim Hain, with the support of the surf industry and surf community representatives from Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Utilizing the same ISC personnel and resources and leveraged with the respectability that the ISC has earned, the ASC is now a proven success in the Asian region, having crowned Asian champions in 2011 and 2012 and with a great schedule of events booked for 2013 in Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Taiwan and Malaysia.

The decision to move forward using the Asian Surfing Championship name and logo was a unanimous ISC/ASC Board decision, as it has been part of the long-term plan since before its creation in 2010.  With the surfing industry becoming more diverse and having a presence in many more Asian countries, it was logical to create a regional tour that would allow Asian surfers to compete in the various Asian surfing destinations as a step between the ISC and the ASP’s World Qualifying Series and to provide the surf brand/event sponsor with greater regional visibility.

Much like the ISC was formed out of the difficulty and expense the Indonesian surfers had participating in the WQS, the ASC now provides Asian surfers with their own tour and forum to challenge themselves, a preparation step on their journey towards eventually joining the elite surfers of the world on the ASP’s World Championship Tour.

So what about the ASC?

The ASC works with the various surf communities around Asia to connect and then sanction events and create a championship system, just as the ISC worked with the various surf companies in Indonesia to connect and sanction events to create the ISC Tour starting in 2004.

The ISC will still exist and function as the national governing body for surfing in Indonesia, with the same personnel and level of commitment.  The difference will be that the ASC logo and name will be used to refer to our Bali office and on most communications and media output going forward, as the ASC is now the umbrella that the majority of the ASC sanctioned surfing contests in Indonesia and in the other Asian countries will fall under, and what the ISC will fall under as well.

There is certain to be ISC-only events in Bali and other parts of Indonesia in the future, but the majority of the larger scale events will no doubt be under the ASC banner, which will allow for surfers of all nationalities to participate in the ASC Tour and its events.

So in conclusion, the end of the Coca-Cola sponsorship of the ISC tour is not the end of the ISC, it is merely the beginning of a new chapter in professional surfing in the Asian region, the Asian Surfing Championship Tour.

And since our first order of business is to gain the financial resources to operate optimally, we are currently in the process of identifying potential sponsors and preparing sponsorship proposals for the 2013 Asian Surfing Tour season, so would appreciate your assistance in providing us with any information that may lead us closer to finding the ideal sponsor for the ASC.

Source: ISC Tour | Author: Tim Hain


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