Marti Paradisis Claims Big Wave Awards for riding 9 metre monster

Tasmania’s king of big waves, Marti Paradisis, had a long-time dream come true when he won Biggest Wave at Surfing Life’s Oakley Big Wave Awards for riding a nine-metre monster at Pedra Branca off Tasmania’s south coast.

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Over the Awards’ 10 years, Paradisis has collected every prize except the big one.

He’s won the Paddle-in, the Slab, and Best Overall Surfer.

But the $20,000 main prize had eluded his grasp until last night, when a colossal wall of water ridden by him off Pedra Branca Rock, south of Tassie, was deemed the largest wave ridden in Australasian waters in the past year.

“It’s a huge thrill,” Marti said of the award and the ride that generated it.

“I’m so stoked to be able to represent the Tassie crew up here. I wouldn’t get to ride waves like this without a lot of help so this isn’t just for me.”

Marti’s ride just got an edge over mate Danny Griffith, who got another huge ride that day at Pedra Branca.

The rides tied in the first judging round, voted for by surfers registered for entry in the Awards, but were comfortably split by an expert panel of big surf maestros from the USA.

In the Shooter Awards section, the main prize went to Tasmanian photographer Andrew Chisholm and surfer-filmer Mikey Brennan, both of whom captured Marti’s biggest ride.


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